Wednesday, March 25, 2009

behind all reasons

i bought this dvd from target yesterday. without knowing any plot of this. I found this film very interesting. you should watch this. if you get the idea of this film, then you will know why i start this project, why i want to make this thing work, and what in my crazy mind i wish would happen in the very end of it.

take a look of the trailer

it's installation time!


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Woods

the city is dangerous
danger lies in the
over-abundance of man-
made objects, idols

man built the city
to glorify himself
god created nature
filled with beauty and splendor
to remind us

that he lives among
us, sinners
consumed by narcissism and greed
destroyers of his
gifts, outward and inward

god lies
in the woods
his whispers ride
the wind, pushes
the worries away

i go to the woods to talk to god
i go to the city to sin

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

birthday girl

happy birthday, cherry blossom girl. happy birthday.


you are sick and you are beautiful.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


late night snacks under the moon light shine.
I've been so tired lately, but today, I just can't sleep.
I wonder why because it feels like I've been waiting and hoping for thousand years, and why this love I gave out not returning back to me?
maybe it will ended up to be a good novel someday with those typical first line... "once up on a time, there's this guy who met this girl and..."
the novel will also end up with this type of line... "you know what, shit happens, and there's nothing he/she can do about it..."
only if things could be much more simple, right? in life, in love, in things that we all desire.
fuck, i miss her right now while my veggi-burgers are sizzling in the oven.
the cold aluminum of my powerbook serve no justice to this empty space that i put myself into.
late night snacks under the moon light
brighten up the night
but could it brighten up the one that once lost and haven't been found?