Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Listen with your Eyes" @ Solstice Cafe

"Listen with your Eyes" Art Show @ Solstice Cafe in Grant Park!

Opening Friday August 7th 7pm-9pm

Featuring AWESOME local artists, including (perhaps) love project artists Robin Gillis (right in pic), Jonathan Chang (left in pic), and Eric White!

Come check out these down to earth folk, and have a drink with us!

562 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA, 30312

In-progress photo updates for the (perhaps) love project and personal work of Robin Gillis @:

Art by Robin Gillis for sale @:

Special thanks to Solstice Cafe and Erin Palovick for facilitating this event!

Solstice Cafe in Grant Park:


Jennifer said...

wow, I did not realize you had cropped my face out of this photo... should I be offended? hahaha. is this a "No Asian Girls" photo?


(perhaps) love said...

Ha ha no dear, don't be offended, I was promoting ourselves was all! And there is still one Asian girl in that photo...hee hee J/K!!!