Wednesday, June 3, 2009

watch out for that road

June 1st 2009 wasn't a good day. it wasn't a good day for both of us. the road wasn't treating us right. Everything paused for couple mins until i realized what exactly happened. A truck ran my car over but amazingly just the bumpers both front and back and a small dent on the trunk. Amazingly, these painted plastic were able to save not just me, but reduced the impact to other cars. and it feels different this time, because it was not my fault. for once.

So I started wonder, why is that everything we deal with so difficult and so complicated. I just realized when I was a child, I paint and draw things that I don't recognize, things just pop up in my head or my blurry vision. So people, they always liked it and they would ask me what I was drawing. My answer was always "i don't know!"

So do we really need to know the reason for everything that happen? I think we do. But the reason can be a "just" Sometimes, it is as straight forward as your hand run through someone's hair... tangled... the her/his face, lips. You both smile. The tiny little love may grow a little bit, or at this one side feels that way.

and so love is just love maybe. it is just that tiny reflection of spark you see in each other's eyes in the one second.

and really drive safely. and that's just because.

-Jonathan Chang

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Robin said...

Sounds like the road wasn't the hazard, it was what was on it- people!

Just like LOVE is not the hazard, it is the individuals involved.

Glad you are ok and sorry this happened.